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Plant and Machinery All Risks Insurance

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    “All Risks’ Cover – Provide protection against accidental loss or damage including burglary
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    “Breakdown” Cover – Cover damage to plants and machinery caused by breakdown

Fire Insurance

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    Valuable Assets Cover – Include factory premises, stock-in-trade, furniture fixtures and fittings, and equipment etc., against damage by fire and / or lightning
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    Extend cover to protect your assets against other disasters – Include floods, explosions, riots and strikes, malicious acts, aircraft damage and vehicle impact
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Freight Forwarder’s Liability

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    Cargo Liabilities – Cover the legal liability of the Insured for direct physical loss or damage to customer’s cargo
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    Errors & Omissions – Cover financial loss of customers
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    Extra Cost & Expenses – Including misdirection costs, completion of carriage costs, uncollected cargo, etc.
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    Third Party Liability – Cover the legal liability of the Insured

Other Commercial Insurance include:

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    Employees’ Benefits
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    Employee’s Compensation
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    Public Liability
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    Business / Office Insurance
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    Property All Risks
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Important Note:

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  12. From January 1, 2018, the Insurance Authority (IA) will start collecting a premium levy from policy holders of all new or in-force life insurance policies and general insurance policies. For further information, please visit www.ia.org.hk